Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Middle Initial

"The Middle Initial" number 99 of 200 from Robert Aitken's book Miniatures of a Zen Master.

Continuing yesterday's theme of simplicity and simple tasks, today's miniature comments on focusing on details.

I have a few details needing attending to.

This endeavor, to comment on every on of Robert Aitken's "Miniatures of a Zen Master", continues. Tomorrow I'll be half done. I'm feeling the desire to switch strategies and yet I feel committed to my current path. Dilemma. The only way to know is to do, so I'll continue on.

I have been announcing every one of my posts on Twitter but am now seeing that this may be a form of spam and wearing on the crowd. This is especially true as I rarely now am contributing anything but these blogging announcements. This strategy is being rethought for the first time.

We experienced a lightening strike very near our house. It hit a tree next to where the underground phone line crosses the underground power feed for the shop. Shops power breaker was tripped but no damage seen yet. The electrical surge in the phone line caused the DSL modem, the wireless router, the PC, and the laser printer all to die. Only the printer may be repairable. Lots of bits and bits lost. Opportunity to support the local computer shops.

So much for personal navel gazing. Onward to miniature 100 tomorrow. "Danger Man"



  1. People following you on twitter are doing so likely because of the content you post. If they don't want it they can just stop following.

  2. Jordan, thanks for the encouragement.

    I'm still flummoxed by what I see as the different communities that follow me on twitter. My woodworking and spoon carving friends aren't necessarily interested in the finer and grosser points of practice. Likewise my photographer tweeb's aren't interested in practice or carving.

    I'm just responding to how I feel when I see someone I follow because of our mutual Linux interests, start to twitter about their church activities. There is on Zen guy I follow who must have his media player hooked into to twitter as we see dozens of tweets per day show us what he is listening to.

    Sure I could unfollow. But instead it has caused me to reflect on my use of twitter. I don't want to be rude or wasteful of peoples attention. Especially my friends who follow me on various social networks.